Jul 28, 2013

Welcome to The Warehouse of Trinkets!

Well, this is the first post of my first blog and I’m pretty exited about it. The idea behind The Warehouse is to provide a place to look for free stuff, mainly video games and pen and paper Rpg material, but there might be a post about a web show or something else from time to time.

I know there are specialized lists of free content on the web, so that’s why this isn’t going to be one. I’ll post reviews, not just a name and a link, and they’ll only be about games I’ve personally played and enjoyed.
This may seem limited but this way I’m ensuring some sort of quality threshold for the content stored here. These reviews will be posted every Sunday night. There will be only one review each week.

Also, there will be opinion columns, called “Babbling at the Counter”. They’ll be mostly me thinking out aloud, and will usually talk about something I found interesting in that week’s game and wanted to analyze further, but that didn’t seem right to include in the review.
Being no expert in game theory I don’t expect to be treated like one. While the reviews will be informative and as objective as possible, this columns will just be my opinion and my take on a broad concept.
“Babbling at the Counter” will appear at least once a week, on Tuesday nights. There may be an extra post another day, but those will be an irregular feature.

And as my final note, I wanted to say that English is not my first language, but as most of the content I’ll talk about is only available in English I think the site should also be. Fell free to point out any grammar or syntax mistakes you find, as it will be appreciated. I’m just going to ask that you don’t do it in the comments section, so it doesn’t turn into an autocorrect feature. Use a private message, please.

Ok, I think that’s all. So after this long and boring explanation, why don’t you start reading my first review? Hope you enjoy The Trinket’s Warehouse and find it useful. Feedback is not only appreciated, it’s also encouraged.

- The Storeman

Note: Sorry about the disclaimer before the download links. I just want to make everything nice and clear.

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