Dazzling March

This is the information page for the first non-periodic month-long event at The Warehouse of Trinkets: Dazzling March!

The event's theme is colorful and fast paced action in weird landscapes. The rules may seem unusually specific, but all the content here will have a lot more in common that you think.

With every entry, there will be a simple, short description of the Item.

Dazzling March Schedule 
(with links to published articles):


March 2nd: NeonPlat Adventures, a Colorful Calendar Composition

Guide Platdude through the neon platforms! Catch enemies and wear them as hats!

New Adventures every day!

March 9th: Endless Forms Most Beautiful, The Hunt for the Psychedelic Microscopic Imps

Imps hide everywhere, go find them! Arcade quality gameplay!

Beat your highscore!

March 16th: Forget-Me-Not, as if I could

Random maze! Random enemies!

Collect all the flowers without getting killed!

March 23th: 0Space, Zero-Gravity Deathmatch!

Fight in space! Kill your friends! 

(in game only, don't actually try any of those things please)

March 30th: Jetpack Joyride, how to be badass and succeed

Take this bad boy for a ride through the lab!

Can you get all the achivements?

The Warehouse's first guest column!!

Babbling at the Counter:

March 4th: What's Dazzling March?

The Storeman talks about what inspired Dazzling March, and what it represents.

March 11th: Lessons from the arcade

What do those old machines have to teach us today?

March 18th: Random Power

Let's take a look at randomly generated content.

March 25th: Competition

The Storeman muses about competitive aspects in both Video Games and Pen and Paper RPGs.


  1. Thanks!

    I thought it would be fun to play around with the Warehouse's look during each event, and I was right. It'll be a while until the next one, but expect to see some more special features.