July of Adventure

This is the information page for the second non-periodic month-long event at The Warehouse of Trinkets: July of Adventure!

This month's theme is Fantasy Adventures! It's also a celebration of the Warehouse's First Anniversary! And a great opportunity to welcome Emma to the blog's banner! She is the pyromancer next to me!

With every entry, there will be a simple, short description of the Item.

July of Adventure's Schedule
(with links to published articles):


July 6th: Slayin, ArcadeMonster Hunting Madness

Kill monster with your unstoppable hero! Keep a long chain to get more coins!

Save the kingdom!

July 13th: Meikyu, Dungeons and Hydras! 

Explore the deadly dungeon! Claim your treasure!

Survive and ascend victorious!

July 20th: Adventure Quest

Emma brings us humor and adventure! Play Online!

Quest for glory!

July 27th: ro9, First Person Dungeon Crawler x9

Play as nine characters at the same time! Try to keep at least some alive!

Get out of the dungeon with the loot! 

August 3rd: Dungeon Squad, Dungeon Delving from d4 to d12

Explore ancient dungeons! Get loot and fight monsters!

Simple and fast RPG system!

Babbling at the Counter:
July 8th: July of Adventure!

New theme month, new banner, new year!

July 15th: Nostalgia just for the sake of nostalgia

Looking back, looking good.

July 22nd: David vs. Goliath

Outpowered, but not defeated.

July 29: Your level is not high enough yet!

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