Horror October

This is the information page for the third non-periodic month-long event at The Warehouse of Trinkets: Horror October!

The event's theme is (rather obviously) Halloween! There will be both cute and light hearted Halloween candy fun, and real horror games. I could tell you when we will publish each, but surprise is part of Halloween, so, I wont.

With every entry, there will be a simple, short description of the Item.

Horror October Schedule 
(with links to published articles):


October 5th: They Took Our Candy, We Took Their Lives

Assemble your Team to Trick or Treat the Aliens Away! 

Save Halloween!

October 12th: A Mother's Inferno (Actual Horror!)

Demons have taken your son. Arm yourself with a broken piece of glass and save him... if you dare.

October 19th: The Crooked Man, that lived in a Crooked House...

David's life takes a turn for the weird when he moves into his new apartment. Who could have lived there before, and why is David so drawn to him?

October 26th: PumpkinPatch, Defend Halloween

Defend the Pumpkin Patch from the horde of horrors!

Save Halloween!

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