Sep 7, 2014

Pazzon, Sci Fi Fairy Tale

Review #58 – Free Video Game

Pazzon, Sci Fi Fairy Tale

Pazzon is a quirky little story of an unnamed creature in a alien world. It is called by the Temple to help the Priest on a sacred mission: coverting the infidels.

From the creator of the Karoshi series, this game is completely the opposite of those. A good choice to relax for a bit, it has pleaseant music and interesting designs.

It's really simple and short, and not particulary challenging, but fun nonetheless. Perfect to keep oneself busy for a while.

- The Storeman

Disclaimer: I didn’t upload any of the content in the following link. I have downloaded and checked it as I always do. I have even executed it in my own computer and did not experience any kind of problems. But I can’t ensure that it is free of virus and/or malware that my anti-virus programs couldn’t find. That’s the author’s responsibility.

External Download Link:
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