Nov 26, 2013

24 hour RPG Challenge - Wacky Love – The End

Babbling at the Counter #17.5 – Pen and Paper

24 hour RPG Challenge - Wacky Love – The End

Well, now I’m wrapping up my little 24 hour project. I’m pleased with the final result (link at the bottom of the post) but we’ll talk about that later.

Today, I want to say how fun the 24 hour RPG Challenge is. If you abide by the rules, having a set time and working on something completely new, it will surprise you what you are capable of.

I really recommend it to everyone who would like to try his hand at RPG game designing. By working on such a short time span, you can actually see what your design strengths and weaknesses are. And by the end, you’ll have something to show for it.

As a personal example, I’ve been working on 3 different RPG ideas for the last few months. What do I have so far? Almost nothing. I’ve written and rewritten things thousands of times, and now it doesn’t amount to much.

And even though I’ve done the same at the Challenge (and the final result is not as vast or complete as I would have wanted), at least now I see how I actually work.

So, yeah, loads of fun. Try it.

And for video game designers, I’ve read about the 7DRL Challenge. It’s pretty similar to this, only a week long and about Rogue Like games. Just saying…

Will leave a link to a nicer version of the game as soon as I have one. For now, here are the plain rules. Tell me what you think!

- The Storeman


  1. This looks awesome, and potentially very hilarious.

    I'm ecstatic that your core die is a d10, and here's why: though I'm out of town, I brought a singular d10 with me (in order to test out Tiny d10 with some friends), and now I can use it to play Wacky Love!

    I really look forward to running it (either tonight or tomorrow night). I'll let you know how it goes!

    It looks like great work. On a side note, I love the gender neutral perspective. It's the same approach I have used in my game.

    1. Delayed Answer, sorry - (had been studying a lot).

      Thanks, it's good you liked it. Please tell me how the playtest go!!

    2. Will do! I'm still working on getting the game together, as I don't typically follow romcom, so I'm having to study up!

      I'll let you know how it goes soon!