Nov 25, 2013

24 hour RPG Challenge - Wacky Love - Start

Babbling at the Counter #17 - RPG

24 hour RPG Challenge - Wacky Love - Start

Hello, how are you all? I know it's weird to see a post on Monday, but I wanted to make an announcement: I'm working on a 24 hour RPG Challenge.

It works like this (but please, follow the link to read the full ruleset): I have 24 hours to make a complete RPG game. Simple, yes. Easy, no.

My game will be Wacky Love, a romantic comedy parody. It's kind of a competitive RPG, which is something I didn't expect. This is just the way things went.

Tomorrow there will be a post with my experiences with the challenge and the link to download the game. For today, I'll leave a link to the forum thread of my challenge: Wish me luck!

- The Storeman

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