Mar 23, 2014

0Space, Zero-Gravity Deathmatch!

Review #34 – Free Video Game

0Space, Zero-Gravity Deathmatch!

Join us next week for a special review. All thanks to Dazzling March!

Blasters, proton grenades and laser swords. 2 to 4 players trapped in a confined arena. Who will walk out?

The setup is pretty simple. 0Space is a free-for-all combat. Killing someone earns you a point, dying takes one from you (as you can die without being killed by another player, this is an important rule). If you are hit, you die. No lifebar, no shields, no nothing. There really isn’t much else to add, at least rules wise.

The signature feature of 0Space is the low gravity environment. You may use it to your advantage, or find yourself drifting off into space (and dying) if you are not careful. And of course, how to bounce grenades on the walls is another nifty skill to acquire while playing.

The game is really easy to learn, and each match is really quick (at least with the four/five rounds I usually use). The only thing that might prove problematic is that only two-players can share a keyboard, to play with more you need controllers.

And don’t get to mad if things don’t go your way. Each round, a player gets to choose all the stages that will be used, so you will get you vengeance sooner or later.

- The Storeman

Disclaimer: I didn’t upload any of the content in the following link. I have downloaded and checked it as I always do. I have even executed it in my own computer and did not experience any kind of problems. But I can’t ensure that it is free of virus and/or malware that my anti-virus programs couldn’t find. That’s the author’s responsibility.

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