Mar 4, 2014

What’s Dazzling March?

Babbling at the Counter #31 – Blogging

What’s Dazzling March?

Ok, so, I thought it was time this little Warehouse got its stuff together and started improving as a blog. That’s why this month is Dazzling March!

Now, what’s Dazzling March? It’s a themed event focusing on the bizarre and brightly colored. It’s the first of what I hope can be a long line of wacky themes. It’s the Warehouse growing.

I decided to prepare this for two different reasons:

First, as I said, to work more on the blog. Instead of just using a list of games and stuff that I like, I had to hunt for content that could work with both NeonPlat Adventure and the game I’ll talk about next week (those two inspired the Dazzling theme). That was fun.

Second, while playing next week’s game, someone said to me “you play such childish things”. And I thought: “Yes, they have quirky music and are colorful, silly, and nonsensical, but childish?” Then I realized. It’s not that they are childish, it’s that they remind people of old games. Simple games. Games we played when we were younger.

So, that’s Dazzling March. It’s the same reason I opened the Warehouse on the first place, to celebrate simple to understand and simple to play games. See you all later, we still have a whole month to go!

- The Storeman

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