Oct 12, 2014

A Mother's Inferno

Good evening, and welcome. I am Doctor Blockhead, curator to the Museum of Curiosities; a home for the freakish, disturbing, and grotesque.

You may think you have found your way here by accident, though I assure you, it was not. You might think you were looking for something else, but I am certain you weren’t. A morbid fascination, deep within your being, an obsession with the macabre, the strange, the unknown has compelled you here.
Now that you’ve arrived, please, take your time, peruse the dusty shelves, find something that scares and excites you. It won’t take long.

And let me warn you: Today’s the first actual horror review of this event. Enter at your own risk.

A Mother’s Inferno

A Mother’s Inferno is a free, single-player game available for play through a download or web browser. It is possible to complete the game in about 30 minutes, making it perfect to play in the dark hours before bed.

In A Mother’s Inferno, a mother and her young son ride an empty train to an unknown destination. Without warning, the boy is ripped from her side by demonic forces, and she falls unconscious. After she wakes, she sets out to face the psychedelic inferno the train has become, her only defense a shard of glass, to save her son from the darkness.

A Mother’s Inferno is a truly unique game. A modern, horror-oriented interpretation of Dante’s Inferno, it distills the deepest fear of all parents: losing their child. This fear is palpable and constant, conveyed through the often frenetic first-person view, perverse and hallucinatory landscapes, and the mother’s persistent gasps for air as she claws her way through five train cars, each one more hellish than the next.

As the game progresses, the environments become less like train cars, and more like ancient cathedrals to the dark and unholy. At points, it’s easy to forget the terror unfolds within the belly of a moving train; however, the subtle, almost subconscious clatter of steel wheels on iron rails rings constantly beneath all things.

The mother’s journey is an exhausting tribulation, but she bears it with the ferocity of an animal with nothing to lose. It is easy to feel her struggle, to become her, to seek not her son, but yours. You will cross the River Styx on the back of a corpse; you will cut your own eyes out with broken glass; you will gut monstrous beasts like fish.

Your struggle will guide you through the five stages of grief, each train car representing a stage, until you arrive at the terminus of loss: acceptance.

But what do you accept? The return of your son, or his permanent disappearance?

That answer is yours alone to discover in A Mother’s Inferno. Fight for it.

Doctor Blockhead

External Download Link: http://amothersinferno.dadiugames.dk/
(Check the "Play" Tab to play online).

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