Oct 5, 2014

They Took Our Candy, We took their lives.

They Took Our Candy.

We took their lives.

Hello everyone, here I am bringing you a new (not that new) side-scrolling shooter, made by Rachid1984. The Story is set in Halloween (what a coincidence!), but your scheduled trick-or-treating has been interrupted by an alien invasion! Only your group of hyperactive, sugar-addicted trick-or-treaters can stop them and get the candy back.

So, you have to prepare your team, which is formed by four members. Each character available has a special feature, plus their own stats, Health, Speed, Attack and Special. Anyway, the most fun stat, obviously, is the Special Stat. You have Specials that heal the group, specials that gives them extra damage, and a few more different effects. The Special your group has is composed of the Specials of every character you have selected.

They Took Our Candy is an arrow-wasd game, with the casual appearance of the space bar to throw your characters specials, your team moves as one and fires together. During the game you collect the stolen candy, and try to eliminate the bastards that took it, the Aliens. They come in waves, and in between them you can upgrade your stats, like candy drop, speed, attack, etc.

At first your team will probably be clumsy (mine was pathetic) but the more candy you eat the higher the sugar rush, the more badass you get. The game has no continue feature, so when you die, you have to start again. The good news are that the game has some fun features: the candy you collected goes towards unlocking new characters and bonus attributes, giving you more choices in the next round! Also, the game has a nice Survival mode! Unlocked when you win it, of course.

My conclusion is that They Took Our Candy is a nice, well made game, with cute pixel art (I mean, look at those tiny ninjas!). And super fun too, so go and give it a try ;D

- Emma

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