Sep 17, 2013

Characterization, Making your Character play its best

Babbling at the Counter #08 - Pen and Paper

Characterization, Making your Character play its best

Have you ever seen comic book or cartoon characters roleplaying? Noticed how the characters in the game look just like the characters playing them? Well, I can tell you that has actually happened to me. Sometimes, I can't see a character; I can only see the player playing them. And it's not good for the game.

I'm guilty myself of lazy gaming, so I won't throw stones from here. But the best characters I've seen (the ones I enjoyed playing the most and enjoyed playing with the most) had a little something that gave them life of their own. It's not just saying "I have an awesome golden armor". It's having a crest on it, representing the animal guide of your family. It's making the extra effort and adding a little cough at the end of every phase. It's giving the GM a smirk while you roll Seduction. It's describing with (horrific) detail how the last blow knocked down one of your character's teeth.
You don't have to go all out and give a monologue with a dying friend on your arms, but a simple battle cry can add a lot of spice to your gaming session. It's also the players job to help set the mood and give the game world its life.

- The Storeman

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