Dec 3, 2013

We Do, We Learn

Babbling at the Counter #18 - Game Design

We Do, We Learn

I'm far from an expert, but after what could be called (at least by me) a success last week, I'm still riding high on the fumes from my work on Wacky Love (my RPG). So why not share my insight while it's still fresh on my head?

Here's what I've learned: Follow your design, don't make it go your way.

When I started working, I was expecting a traditional RPG (as in, everyone on the party works together to attain a shared goal). Even when you experiment with narrative games, the group as a whole wants to create a story together. It's by far the most common way an RPG works. My idea, though, was nowhere near that.

As soon as I settled on "potential protagonists for a movie fight to make the love interest fall for them", it was pretty obvious that the game wasn't going to be seeing a lot of teamwork. Still, I tried to push the idea. I spent a lot of time trying to "fix" this. The thing is, there was nothing to fix. If the game required people to compete, then they would.

The end result wasn't what I expected, but there wasn't much I could do. It was either dropping the project and starting again or working in the direction it pushed me. By keeping the work up, I ended up with a game I could have never planned. And I am proud of it.

Sometimes, you see something and it gets your mind going. Embrace it. Even if it doesn't work in today's project, it might be great tomorrow. Just don't push things to much. If it doesn't "click" in place easy, then you might be placing it in the wrong place.

-The Storeman

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  1. Great insight here. I'm currently wrestling with my own game, and came to the same conclusion as you: I just have to listen to the game and let it be what it will become.

    The problem for me is, I know when the game is talking, but I don't know if what it says is best for it.

    I think I'll try your advice. I won't force it, I won't change it. I'll just let it be what it wants, and roll with it. Like you said, if it doesn't work today, maybe it will tomorrow. :)