Jan 12, 2014

JourneyQuest & The Gamers

Review #24 – Free Web Series

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment presents: JourneyQuest and the Gamers

Today's review is about two web series and the people that make them possible. ZOE is a group that works with “creator distributed, fan supported” content. Their work is available for free; and even though they use online fundraising right now to finance their series, their goal is to organize a supporter base to work with. You can read more about that and how to participate here.

Now, about the series that caught my eye:


JourneyQuest is about a useless mage, a fighter whose best achievements are madein ignorance, a poor cleric (you’ll see why, I won’t spoil it) and an elven ranger maybe to serious to hang out with this crew. Their story is being chronicled by a bard fresh from bard school (she is the one that comes up with the series’ title) when they stumble upon the plot.
It’s a comedy with characters that are not only actually funny, but really engaging. Most of us have seen the same fantasy “RPG-like” story enough to almost hate it. That’s definitely not what happens here. Check out seasons one and two. I’m eagerly waiting for season 3.

The Gamers:

On the other end of the spectrum, we have The Gamers. Instead of telling a straight fantasy tale, it’s about the RPG players. We start with a pretty frustrated group looking to freshen up their game.
The series focuses on both the “at the table” behavior and “off the table” behavior of the characters; taking us through familiar gaming scenes, good and bad ones, with a funny spin.
Seasons One and Two are about a classic DnD gaming group, while season Three draws upon trading card games and big conventions. It’s like a sitcom, whose main characters are gamers (hence the title).

Don’t forget to check out their main page for more content and more info:

- The Storeman


  1. Good stuff! I plan on checking these out.

    These series sound similar to "Standard Action" - if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

    1. I haven't, so thanks!

      I was actually looking for some more shows like these, so I'll surely check it out.