Jan 19, 2014

Uberleben, which means “Parachute Race” (no, not really)

Review #25 – Free Video Game

Uberleben, which means “Parachute Race” (no, not really)

For those at home keeping score, Uberleben means “survival” (source: internet search for “uberleben translation”). Why? Well, this game is a savage free-for-all between you and up to six friends while falling down through the air and dodging obstacles.

Uberleben is a really, really simple game. You sit everyone together and each player only needs four directional buttons. That’s it, try to survive. If by some weird coincidence all of you have lighting like reflexes, you can add some challenge with the camera spin. Completely random is for pros only.

Now, if you try this game alone, you are missing out on the real idea behind it. Put a few friends in front of this and I promise you, you’ll lose at least an hour before you all notice. It’s like Dungeons of Fayte, both are simple games that can keep even your non-gaming friends hooked.

- The Storeman

Disclaimer: I didn’t upload any of the content in the following link. I have downloaded and checked it as I always do. I have even executed it in my own computer and did not experience any kind of problems. But I can’t ensure that it is free of virus and/or malware that my anti-virus programs couldn’t find. That’s the author’s responsibility.

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