Jul 20, 2014

Adventure Quest

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Adventure Quest

Hello everyone, in order to honor July of Adventure I wanted to do something, so I decided to write a review of the most adventurous game ever: Adventure Quest.
Why? Adventure Quest is a Single Player, 2D, turn-based RPG that started in 2002 and was developed and published by Artix Entretainment. You have multiple weapons to choose from, including types like melee, or ranged, or even magic. There are many different classes that you can try out. You can be a werewolf, and a ninja, or even a necromancer. You can be whatever you want, and each thing you decide changes your skills and attacks. Plus, yes, here comes the cute stuff: you can have a pet. And they are badass.

One thing that might not be very important during the game, but that I found fun, and clever, is that AdventureQuest has an alignment system, similar to that of Dungeons and Dragons, which includes selection between Good and Evil as well as Unity and Chaos. Now, actions taken in-game affects the player's alignment, so be careful.
Also, the players can get into different and adventurous quests (see what I did there?), to find strange items, unique classes, or sets. This stuff that you can get through hard work, or by paying for the premium currency, can grant your character many different assets.

Another sweet feature that I always liked about AQ was the humor all the game had, I mean, there are complete quest that are mostly nonsense and weird stuff. The bad thing is that if you’re not that into the fantasy world you maybe not be able to catch all the jokes and references.

The game has several stories going on, and you have tremendous amounts of monsters to kill, basically, you never run out of stuff to do. There is always a random quest in which you can acquire loony things, like the Anchorhand Z, that was an unique weapon that was made for the Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Well, finally I have to tell you the bad stuff: The game can get repetitive, but, even if you stop playing, you will get back at some point of your life, that’s guaranteed.
Also, a common criticism of AdventureQuest is that there is little to no player interaction with other people in the game.

But who really cares when you can have THAT as a pet.

- Emma

External Link (Play Online): http://www.battleon.com/

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