Jul 8, 2014

July of Adventure!

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July of Adventure!

Now, I, the Storeman, officially announce the beginning of... July of Adventure!

Ok, technically, it began last review with Slayin, but let's roll with it. This, our second theme month, is very important. After all, the Warehouse of Trinkets opened its doors on July, 2013. So, happy birthday Warehouse!

About the theme, well I had it in store for a special occasion (read, anniversary). The first review on the site was about one of my favorite games, and it is of the medieval fantasy genre. So, after finding a suitable tabletop RPG and a few cool games, I just sat and waited for a few months to host this event!

Finally, let's welcome Emma to the site's banner! She's been writing reviews for a while, so she earned that spot.

All in all, a great month for the Warehouse! Thanks for everything to you too!

- The Storeman


  1. Alright! I love adventure!

    Also, I love the new site banner! Congratulations to the Warehouse and its newest proprietor!

    1. Thanks! She's been helping for a while, so I thought a little "thanks" to her was overdue!