Apr 1, 2014

Guests Welcome

Babbling at the Counter #35 – Blogging

Guests Welcome

This weekend, the Warehouse's first guest column was published. Emma, from my RPG group (she was the zombie witch on this game), decided to write a fun review about Jetpack Joyride. Go on and read it before continuing.

This special post was my way of closing Dazzling March, the first non-monthly special event of the site. Hopefully, many more will soon follow.

And I'll also like to take this opportunity to extend the invitation to write to anyone interested. There may be free games I have missed up, or from a genre I don't usually play, and it would be awesome to help bring a little attention to them, too.

I can say I'm really proud of the work that has gone into the Warehouse this past few months. Thanks to all the people that have dropped by, and specially to all the regulars that keep showing up.

Make sure you check out our stock. Remember, new items arrive every week.

- The Storeman


  1. Oh. My. Gosh.

    I would love to write a review for the Warehouse! There are a few awesome, and free, games that I have some strong (positive) opinions on, and would love a chance to "babble" on about them!

    1. That would be awesome!

      Send my an email so we can arrange the details whenever you want. Having the input of more people will only help the Warehouse.

      I'm sure a lot of great games have escaped my radar, so having you (and anyone else interested, obviously) bring your own experiences into the mix is going to be a blast.