Apr 13, 2014

Ring of Thieves, solo adventure for Risus

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Ring of Thieves, solo adventure for Risus

Risus is a great and simple RPG game I’ve already talked about. Today, I offer you the solo adventure Ring of Thieves.

You use Risus’ rules to play the story of the Halfling Thief Lucas Marks, investigating the disappearance of his partner. You have a few clues to go on, but it’s going to be a challenge.

One can think of it like a “Choose your own adventure” kind of book, only cooler.

Ring of Thieves is a lot like a rougelike video game, given that, even if you make the exact same choices, you are going to roll differently each game and everything will change.

This supplement is a fun way to test Risus rules to see if they are of your liking before running a game. It’s also great if you are bored and feel like being a Halfling for a while.

- The Storeman

Disclaimer: I didn’t upload any of the content in the following link. I have downloaded and checked it as I always do. I have even executed it in my own computer and did not experience any kind of problems. But I can’t ensure that it is free of virus and/or malware that my anti-virus programs couldn’t find. That’s the author’s responsibility.

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